Legends Academy is a combat sports gym and a first of its kind in WA, with classes, group and 1 on 1 coaching, mentoring and career pathways that cater to all the family. Our passion is to empower everyone we meet through martials arts and combat sports.


We coach our valued members to become the best versions of themselves and our classes are designed for every level, to deliver championship results. Our entire staff culture has a team first, give first mentality and the energy of the building is electric from the moment you walk in; your vibe attracts your tribe and that is exactly what’s happening at Legends Academy Perth daily.

 Daniel created Legends academy from a vision of offering the community an opportunity to experience the growth and values that he received from and that combat sports provides, Respect, Honour, Courage, Honesty, Confidence, Discipline, Integrity, Leadership, Gratitude, Humility and facilitating the growth of those we share space with.

340 Walcott Street, Coolbinia, WA 6050   0401 080 884   admin@legendsacademyperth.com.au