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Legends Academy Kids is your answer to self-defence, anti-bullying, health and fitness for your children, led by 8x world champion Daniel “The Rock” Dawson and Jason Lee "The Nak Muay Ninja" and their team.

Our unique blend of Martial Arts, kickboxing, boxing and traditional Muay Thai all happens in a fun and fitness-based environment, at Legends Academy our values are our cornerstone – CONFIDENCE, RESPECT & DISCIPLINE.

Our program runs in line with both the school terms and school holidays and our classes are structured to achieve results in focus, listening, attitude, awareness and teamwork.


Kids Academy classes are 45-60 minutes in duration


Fight Team Boxing 

Our Advanced Boxing Class led by Australian champion Chris ‘The Killa’ Watt, and under the guidance of 8 x world champion Daniel ‘The Rock’ Dawson focuses on the technical aspects of boxing with preparation for competition boxing. Learn the required boxing skills utilising correct form, technique, power, timing, and footwork. 


Most of this training is based on having an opponent in front of you. This will prepare you for sparring and working competitively. We structure our classes to cover all aspects of Boxing and have some of the most innovative and powerful training sessions you will experience.

If you want to learn from the best then come train with those that have fought and trained with the best.

Fight team classes run between 60 - 90 minutes in duration.


All Levels Boxing 

Learn the skills and drills created by world boxing champion Daniel “The Rock” Dawson! Chris ‘the killer’ Watt and Mark ‘the shark’ Familari run our Legends boxing classes which are designed to start you off from Beginner to Intermediate to learn the Advanced Levels, you will learn footwork & agility, how to work the pads like a pro, and hold them like one too.

You will be learning the sweet science whilst burning calories, skipping, shadow boxing, bag work, conditioning, and core.


Our pads combinations are created to give you every movement in boxing from slipping, pivots, rolls, catches, blocking, counters, side steps and much more.


From here, the pathway leads to the Fight Team should you want to take boxing to the next level.

All Levels Boxing classes are 60 minutes in duration.

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Embark on a journey to master the authentic Thai-style Muay Thai in a warm and inclusive community! Our all-levels Muay Thai class is crafted for everyone, from beginners to seasoned fighters, who seek not just a workout but an immersion into the rich heritage of this martial art.


Our passionate instructors will guide you through the techniques and strategies that define Thai-style Muay Thai, emphasizing skill development and fostering a sense of community.


Whether you're looking to enhance your striking prowess, improve fitness, or simply join a supportive group of like-minded individuals, this class is your gateway. Discover the joy of progress, celebrate victories together, and build lasting friendships as you navigate the path to becoming a well-rounded Muay Thai practitioner.


You can increase your whole-body strength, tone up, get mobile, reduce stress, and have fun challenging yourself in a family friendly environment with coaches that get the best out of you.

Muay Thai All Levels classes run for 60 minutes in duration


Our Fight Team classes are a rare opportunity to train alongside some the greatest athletes and combat sports fighters in Australia. 


Led by head coach and current ISKA Australian champion Chris ‘The Killa’ Watt and also assisted by 8 x world champion Daniel ‘The Rock’ Dawson and current ISKA state champion Jay Twomey.


We have a dedicated pad holding team who also hold state and Australian titles here to assist the team in their fight camps. If you want to become a the best you can be, then come and train with Legends of the sport.

Fight Training is 90 minutes in duration.

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Ladies, it's time to unleash your inner strength and confidence in a supportive and empowering environment! Our Ladies Muay Thai class is exclusively designed for women who are ready to kick, punch, and conquer their fitness goals.


Whether you're a seasoned fighter or a beginner, our skilled instructors will guide you through dynamic workouts that blend traditional Muay Thai techniques with cardio conditioning.


Embrace the camaraderie of a community that celebrates every achievement, big or small.

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