The Legends Wellness is home to an established team of health professionals with a focus on enhancing the wellbeing, performance and functionality of its clients.


All practitioners have advanced post graduate training in Sports Injury Management and have been successfully managing a wide array of clients from professional athletes to everyday hero’s! We thrive in caring for your needs and providing you with a client-centric approach to health and wellness.





​​B.Sc. (Ex. & Sports Sc.), M.Physio

With over a decade of experience in the health and wellbeing industry as well as gaining impressive qualifications including a Masters in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science, Mark Maddison is the senior Physiotherapist at Legends Wellness.

Specializing in sports rehabilitation and management, Mark has worked with elite athletes from a multitude of different sporting backgrounds in both recovery and injury rehabilitation, as well as fitness and personal training.

Previously, Mark has also worked with children and the elderly, in addition to his experience in Prenatal and Post-Natal therapies and hydrotherapy techniques.

As a family man, Mark understands the importance of providing suitable care and the nurturing support required to manage and maintain full function of the body to ensure you get the most out of life.



B.Sc. Chiro, B.Chiropractic

“My goals for my patients are to help them achieve their own personal health goals, whether it be pain management, keeping them active in their chosen sport or the ability to chase after their kids/grandkids. I want to educate my patients on their bodies and how we can be partners in their health journey and to help them manage life stressors holistically.”

Hi I’m Dr Monique Olliver and I am a Chiropractor at The Legends Wellness. I graduated from Murdoch University, attaining a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic. I am an active person who enjoys being outside, I have been involved in group sporting community’s through playing netball myself at multiple associations and divisions and supporting our local football teams.

My Journey with chiropractic begun when I was in high school and found human biology fascinating. During that time, I also suffered from terrible headaches that affected my participation in school activities. After multiple unsuccessful visits to the GP, my Mother took me to see a chiropractor and within a few months the headaches ceased. I decided I wanted to be a part of a profession that makes small changes, which have a huge impact on people’s lives. 

I have been playing netball professionally and enjoy my strength and conditioning training as part of my weekly fitness regimen.

Outside of practice I enjoy keeping active by walking my dog, hikes through the Perth hills or working up a sweat at the gym. My other passions are indoor plants, gardening and cooking.


​​Chiropractor  | BSc BChiro

Hi I’m Dr. Zara Elkington. I am Chiropractor, holding a double bachelor in Chiropractic Science and Clinical Chiropractic from Murdoch University. I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for close to 10 years having worked as a sports trainer and massage therapist for various sporting teams in Melbourne and WA before obtaining my Chiropractic degree. During this time, I have gained valuable skills and knowledge to assist me in providing the most evidence-based biomechanical and functional approach to my patient care.

I have particular interests in strength sports such as weightlifting, as well as athletics, AFL and basketball. Having had experience with sports personnel, this has given me unique insight into the fact that human body is a remarkable piece of engineering that has the amazing ability to heal itself if provided with the correct tools and support to do so.

I found Chiropractic early in my life after being involved in a severe car accident as a baby. As I grew, I would constantly complain to mother about pain in my back and ongoing headaches. She decided to take me to her Chiropractor, a man that soon after changed my life. He worked through more than my pain, looking at my body as a whole and how the trauma had affected my biomechanics and overall function. I was mesmerized by his skill set and knowledge, and that was all I needed to cement my love for Chiropractic and pursue my own career in this profession. 

I have a very down-to-earth and empathetic personality, allowing me to view always view my patients as a whole to ensure I’m giving them the best possible care. In my spare time you will likely find me in the gym, spending time with my partner and sausage dog, or soaking up the morning sun on the beach.

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