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Founder and co-owner of Legends Academy.


8 x World Champion 

4 x World Muay Thai Champion 

3 x World Kickboxing Champion

1 x World Boxing Champion 

Certified Personal Trainer

Working with Children's Check

Martial Arts is my life, it is my sport, my mentor, my hero and my saviour. Growing up with a single mother and violent stepfathers in low income households and suburbs, I was exposed to drug and alcohol abuse, physical and emotional bullying, as well as many negative influences. I faced many challenges to survive in life, fortunately for me I found Martial Arts and it gave me direction and purpose, Martial Arts ignited my spirit to evolve and become, Martial Arts gave me humility and respect while at the same time instilling self-confidence and value, Martial Arts saved my life and made my life.


My love for combat sports is only rivalled by my passion to positively impact and contribute to the community and world around me. I am an 8 times World champion and the first and only man in history to win world titles in 3 different combat sports: Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing. 28 years in the sport and I am as inspired as ever, coaching and guiding other through the sports and creating opportunity for other to thrive and achieve personal success.

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Founder and co-owner of Legends Academy.

ISKA State Champion

15+ Muay Thai Fights 

Created a first of its kind, all ability's martial arts program 

Specialises in training and mentoring people with disability 

Certified Personal Trainer

Working with Children's Check

Jay developed a love for Muay Thai after trying out various sports during his childhood. Over the past decade, Jay has competed at a professional level in Muay Thai and is currently the ISKA State Champion in the sport.

Jay's passion for helping people led to the founding of Legendary Support, at the request of a local support coordinator who recognised Jay's dedication to assisting others. Jay strongly believes in the benefits of martial arts and the Legendary Support community martial arts program, and he is committed to providing access to these benefits for everyone.

In addition to his martial arts expertise, Jay is also a certified Personal Trainer and holds a Working with Children's Check. With over a decade of coaching experience, Jay specializes in adapting sessions to meet the needs of individuals of all ability levels. Participants in Jay's adaptive sessions have experienced significant improvements in their quality of life.

Jay's ultimate goal is to foster a supportive community where all participants can achieve their goals and reap the mental and physical benefits of martial arts.


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4x State Champion Muay Thai

2x National Champion Muay Thai

25+ Muay Thai Fights 

10 years coaching experience Across Boxing, Muay Thai and Strength Training

Working with Children’s Check

Senior First Aid 


Seeing people achieve is why I love coaching. I’ve been apart of people’s fitness journeys for 10 years and love helping people overcome obstacles to become happier healthier more confident versions of them self.


As a fighter myself I know the journey is not always a strait line of progression but “smooth waters never made for skilled sailors” 

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Jason Lee

State and National Title Holder 

World Record for most kicks in 30 seconds 

20 years coaching experience

Specialises in anti bullying for kids  

Working with Children’s Check

Senior First Aid 


Known as “The Nak Muay Ninja” on social media with a combined following of 250k followers.  He is one of our lead instructors at Legends Academy.

Jason started Martial Arts when he was 6 years old.  He has been training for over 30 years & teaching for 20 years.

He has trained in many different styles of martial arts with some of the best coaches in the world.  He holds state & national titles.  He also holds a world record for most kicks in 30 seconds.  He has a cert 3 & 4 in fitness & has years of experience running kids, adults & ladies only classes.

Jason has spent half his life helping thousands of kids with bullying.  His anti-bullying & self defence program is used by schools & martial arts gyms all around Australia.

Martial arts changed my life, and I just want to give back to the community & make a difference.  My goal is to help people all around the world get involved in Martial arts & be the best they can be.

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Mark Familari (Sharky)

State and National Title Holder 

Has competed at the Highest Level in Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing  

20+ years coaching experience

Working with Children’s Check

Senior First Aid 


Mark is a life long martial artist . Mark has been training since he was 4 years old where he was first coached by my father.


Mark has competed in muay thai, kick boxing, boxing and mma. He was the WKA 2014 Fighter of the year . Mark has trained for over 27 years and have seen all types of coaching. He likes to think he has taken all that good coaching, ( and some questionable coaching) and coaches in a way that he would have liked to have been taught.


Mark is passionate to help you in your martial arts journey and hope it benefits your life just like it has for him.

Mark Familari (Sharky)
Jason Lee
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